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A Hand For A Paw

AHFAP SIX PACK 201572.jpgA Hand for a Paw, Inc. is a 501(c)3. A.H.F.A.P. was created to decrease, prevent, and eliminate animal suffering as possible in the Bridgeport, CT area. The founders of A.H.F.A.P, Jimmy Gonzalez & Melissa Kuian, also ran the Bridgeport Animal shelter for seven and a half years. Their experiences managing Connecticut's largest shelter motivated them to create Mobile Pet Solutions, a program created to keep pets happy, healthy, at home and out of shelters. A.H.F.A.P. sponsors programs which encourage proper animal care and responsibility. They have witnessed first-hand the consequences of animal cruety and a lack of humane education in the community. A.H.F.A.P. has vowed to make responsible and compassionate pet ownership the standard in Bridgeport.

Thank you for supporting our cause. We raise a glass to you.
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