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Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue

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At Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue, we rescue Golden Retrievers who have been abandoned, abused, or relinquished by their owners. We are a network of volunteers dedicated to finding the best possible homes for Golden Retrievers and Retriever mixes in need. Our volunteers have a desire to save as many homeless dogs as humanly possible. Individually, we can only rescue so many dogs in need. As a group, working together, we can help more Goldens find their forever home. Our common thread may be our appreciation for the Golden Retriever, but if we could, we would save all dogs in need. We carefully select homes based on the needs of each individual Golden. Our adoption process begins when a homeless Golden Retriever is brought into rescue and we begin evaluating each dog's personality and temperament. Each dog is first provided a medical assessment and any necessary treatment including spay or neuter, heartworm, and vaccinations. We take a great amount of effort and care to match the right Golden to the right home allowing all involved, Golden and Adopters, to be forever happy!

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