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About Us

How did Benefit Wines begin?

Prompted to "give-back" after family battles with cancer and heart disease, Andrew Graff founded a company called Charity Wines to create charity-focused wine brands. In 2006, we began creating charity fund raising wines with famous athletes such as Dan Marino, David Ortiz, Ken Griffey, Jr. and over twenty other superstars and celebrities. We sold over 65,000 cases of wine and donated $1 million in just 18 months.

Our rapid success started us thinking of how we could expand our wine-for-charity model to charitable groups of all sizes. Adapting our large-scale business model to the Benefit Wines program allows us to partner with any type of charity. This was the most effective way for us to help significantly more people without the need for a famous athlete or celebrity on every label.

How do we do it?
Our winery-direct buying power lets us give 100% of the online retail profits to our charity partners with our unique custom label fund raising program. Are we getting rich? No. Are we having fun and helping worthwhile non profit organizations in the process? Yes!!

Our Mission:
To engage charity partners and encourage them to utilize our programs and share our vision of creative fund raising through our fine wines. We provide our wine expertise to help raise as much money as possible for our charity partners.

Help us toast to a new wave of charity fund raising!

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