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Cinagro Farm Rescue Services

CINAGRO Six Pack 201572.jpgOur mission, always, is to save abandoned, abused, neglected and homeless animals with the hope of not only making a difference in the animals' lives, but also in the lives of the families and individuals that they will touch. Most rescue animals rescue us in the process of rescuing them. We advocate humane consumption, humane activities, respect and kindness toward all creatures great and small. Animals ask for so little and give so much in return. We vehemently act in their behalf as their voice.

We strive to rescue by means of foster care, veterinary care and sterilization of animals that would otherwise be euthanized. We provide adoption of pets to qualified homes that have been properly screened by adoption coordinators to maintain the pet in a home best suited for the lifetime of the animal. We strive to provide education in the community in terms of responsible pet care, ownership and animal welfare.

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